Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Prohibition: How And Why Did It End?

Don Bordreaux puts the repeal of Prohibition in a different and surprising light.

Revolutionary Change In Primary System?

Could a major change in the Presidential primary system be in the works? Would this be a threat to state sovereignty? Is it possible that such a system could past constitutional muster?

Does Ron Paul Have A Chance?

Judging by Steven LaTulippe's column on the Lew Rockwell site, he just might.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Socialized Medicine

Here's someone who has lived the life of someone who became a victim of Canada's vaunted health care system.

It Looks Like.......

Americans don't appreciate freedom---nor are they heeding Benjamin Franklin's warning.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Karl, Benito, and Adolf (Don't Forget Uncle Joe) Would Be Proud Of Hillary

All of the major Democratic (and Republican----save for Ron Paul) presidential candidates are inflicted to one degree or another with a disease called statism. One of the worst--New York Senator and former First Lady--Mrs. Hillary Stalin---uh Mrs. Hillary Clinton, who is a totalitarian socialist with that mixture of fascism and communism, wants to set up a public service academy.

Franklin Delano Mussolini

If you think Franklin Roosevelt fought against fascism, he didn't do a very good job at home.

FDR was no hero to the forces of freedom or to supporters of constitutional government.

He also tricked this country into World War II. This also makes Frankie a war criminal---just like Dishonest Abe (who effectively set the stage for unconstitutional centralized government from Washington), Woody Wilson (who tricked our country into World War I and was responsible for the disastrous Versailles Treaty), and the current occupant of the White House.

Should NASA Be Abolished?

It's been a dismal year, PR wise, for the National Alcoholics and Space Administration.

Disqueting Similarities To The 1930s

Very interesting column by Lew Rockwell on his website. This certainly deserves a reading.

The time has come for the end of the Welfare/Warfare State.

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to Right Turns, a new weblog that will (hopefully) explore constitutionalist/libertarian/conservative alternatives to the statist quo as well as the lengths that politicians go to further strengthen the power of the anticonstitutionalist state.

The Ron Paul Video Theatre, Lower Level