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Another Argument,,,,,

Against intrusive and unconstitutional questions concerning the Census.

Economic Problems Dogging Greece

Could we still see the collapse and demise of the European Union?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Martial Law In Amerika

Is it inevitable?

"In January of this year, President Barrack Obama, the professed “leader” of the free world, signed Executive Order 13528. This order, which establishes a “Council of Governors,” these appointed directly by the president, is for the expressed purpose of building a national/domestic police partnership. The opening statement of this order reads:
“By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 1822 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2008 (Public Law 110-181), and in order to strengthen further the partnership between the Federal Government and State governments to protect our Nation and its people and property,” it is hereby ordered as follows:
This executive order was issued for one purpose only, and that is to build a “legal” partnership between the federal government’s national military force and the domestic police state so that they become one and the same. But in reality, this “partnership” would be controlled by the executive branch of the federal government; this being the most dangerous kind of fascism. Nothing could be more treacherous or more of a threat to liberty than for one man, the president of this now “United State,” to have the power to control and use in domestic matters the entire federal military, the National Guard, the Reserves, the Coast Guard and all state police organizations. This would effectively give the president the power to establish Martial Law over the entire country at any given time of his choosing.
One reading of Section 2 of this order which outlines the functions should be enough to scare the living daylights out of even the most strident supporter of government. It says:
Sec. 2. Functions.
The Council shall meet at the call of the Secretary of Defense or the Co-Chairs of the Council to exchange views, information, or advice with the Secretary of Defense; the Secretary of Homeland Security; the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism; the Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement; the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Americas' Security Affairs; the Commander, United States Northern Command; the Chief, National Guard Bureau; the Commandant of the Coast Guard; and other appropriate officials of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, and appropriate officials of other executive departments or agencies as may be designated by the Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of Homeland Security. Such views, information, or advice shall concern:
matters involving the National Guard of the various States;
homeland defense;
civil support;
synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States; and
other matters of mutual interest pertaining to National Guard, homeland defense, and civil support activities."

We may on our way to becoming another Zimbabwe.

Here's A Message.........

For President's Day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Evidence.............

That the Tea Party movement is being infiltrated.

The vehicle used to transport these young conservatives from grassroots activism to US House and Senate seats was the highly touted "Contract with America" (CWA), which was orchestrated by House Speaker-to-be, Newt Gingrich. The CWA included a promise to the American people that if they would give the GOP a majority in Congress, they would eliminate up to 5 federal departments—such as the Departments of Energy and Education—and many federal agencies.

Obviously, not only did the GOP-controlled Congress not eliminate a single federal department or agency—or even shrink the size of the federal government at all—it expanded the size and scope of the federal government at every level. And there is one reason for it: Big Government neocons posing as champions of conservatism co-opted and destroyed the Conservative Revolution of 1994.

If one wants to put names to these treasonous wretches (and I do), I'm talking about charlatans such as Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott. Anyone who thinks that Newt Gingrich is a real conservative or that he will do anything to reduce the size and scope of the federal government needs to speak with any of those Republican members of the freshman class of 1994. (Sadly, too, some of the members of that great freshman class went on to become Big Government toadies themselves. Such is the power of that Putrid Province by the Potomac.)

The Tea Parties of 2010 remind me very much of the Conservative Revolution of 1994. And if the Tea Party Nation is not very careful, they will succumb to the same fate. The signs of a silent takeover of the movement are already appearing.

First of all, the Tea Parties were actually born during the Presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul of Texas in 2007 and 2008. For all intents and purposes, the Tea Parties and the Ron Paul Revolution were one and the same. These were (mostly) young people, who were sick and tired of the same old establishment Republican Party. They were tired of establishment Republicans selling out the principles of limited government; they were tired of the US Constitution being ignored and trampled by both Republicans and Democrats; they were tired of an incessant interventionist US foreign policy that keeps sending US forces overseas to advance a burgeoning New World Order (NWO); they were tired of perpetual war; they were tired of the bank bailouts; they were tired of the Federal Reserve; etc.

I know this because I met—and spoke before—the Tea Party Nation in State after State as I campaigned for Dr. Paul during the Republican primaries back in 2008. And I met them again all over America, as I was running as an Independent candidate for President—with Ron Paul's endorsement, no less. I was with them in scores of meetings (big and small) from Washington, D.C., to Spokane, Washington, and all points in between.

But now many of the Tea Parties are distancing themselves from Dr. Paul and embracing establishment players such as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Even Newt Gingrich is being courted. Watch out, Tea Party Nation: you're in danger of losing your soul! Newt Gingrich is not one of you. He is not your friend. He is an imposter. He will destroy you just like he almost single-handedly destroyed the Conservative Revolution of 1994.

Plus, be careful about Sarah Palin and other establishment Republicans. Palin is currently playing both sides. She is promoting Big Government neocons such as John McCain on the one hand, and sincere conservative-libertarians such as Rand Paul on the other hand. But if one wants a real barometer of Palin's true colors, look no further than her endorsement of Rick Perry in Texas.

Perry is the quintessential establishment Republican. Perry has been in office for some 9 years, and what has he done to thwart the NWO in Texas? Nothing! Perry is even a Bilderberg Group attendee. What has he done for State sovereignty in Texas? Nothing! In fact, he supports the North American Union and the NAFTA superhighway. What has he done to resist Obama's universal health care proposals? Nothing! What has he done to protect the citizens of Texas against an emerging Police State? Nothing! What has he done to fight illegal immigration? Nothing!

As a result of both Rick Perry's establishment business-as-usual politics in Texas and the proliferating grassroots Tea Party movement, counterattacking establishment politics, a Tea Partier herself has entered the race for Texas governor. Her name is Debra Medina. As the Tea Party Nation in Texas already knows, Medina is one of you.

Medina is committed to preserving Texas' independence and sovereignty. She is opposed to the Patriot Act. She will secure the Texas border. She will give Texas Vermont-style open carry freedoms for gun owners. She wants to get rid of unconstitutional property taxes in Texas. She will stop the NAFTA superhighway. Medina is the real deal.

So, what did Sarah Palin do? She went to Texas and endorsed Rick Perry! I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, playing political games in order to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars on the speaking and book-signing circuits is not what the Tea Parties are all about.

It could end up, over time, face the same fate as the "Conservative Revolution" of 1994.

Here is more evidence

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Abe!

Today, we honor America's greatest war criminal on the 201st anniversary of his birth.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Secession: Another Take

Perhaps it may be the only way to escape from Washington's debt problems.

Imagine for a moment a people and sovereign states with future generations free from the illegitimate Washington national debt which threatens to destroy the prosperity, savings, housing values and jobs for our children and grandchildren. Review the US National Debt Clock which tells the entire story and our future. Today the official US National Debt breaks down to $40,079 per individual. Look at the clock link to see the increase per second.

Finally, when you consider the total unfunded liabilities of Washington (see the link above), the liability per American citizen is $177,515. Remember, none of the citizens of the individual states or America in general have had the opportunity to vote on the bailout or approve these debts most of which have gone to international corporations, Wall Street and world banking cartels. We, our children and future generations should not have to fund or pay off an illegitimate debt created just to bail out a few global corporations and wealthy special interests.

The Washington Empire is now run for the benefit of New York financial and economic interests who own and control most of Congress. Due to the recent bailouts and added debt which the majority of Americans opposed, the United States is now sadly on the path toward economic, debt and currency destruction.

Why should my state, South Carolina or other states join the federal government in future poverty, loss of freedoms and lagging economic prosperity with a dismal future determined by their foreign creditors? I say, it is time to free the states and citizens from the dark economic future which Washington and Wall Street have created. Just maybe we can finally be free at last from Washington’s national debt.

Myself living in a state dominated by the socialist-laborite Portland-Salem-Eugene axis, perhaps if a dozen or so counties break away from Oregon and California, maybe a new country can emerge.

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It's continuing to spread like wildfire.

The European Welfare State

Is the ultimate collapse inevitable?

Another Argument,,,,,

Against socialized medicine.

Another Persuasive Argument For Secession

Just what has "The Union" ever done for Colorado.

The history of the federal government’s wonton endangerment of Coloradoans’ lives begins with the War Between the States. (Actually, if we are to be thorough, the federal government’s disregard for Coloradoans’ lives begins with the Mexican American War, when the U.S. government assumed responsibility for the "protection" of the people then living in Colorado from Mexico. In subsequent years, the "protection" afforded to the indigenous Coloradoans turned out to be virtually synonymous with "ethnic cleansing" and "extermination." But I digress). When Lincoln decided to invade and lay waste the South in order to "preserve the Union," Colorado was not yet a state. But, the population was steadily growing, thanks to the discovery of gold, and especially silver, in the Rocky Mountains in 1859.

I have argued on this blog on several occasions that the break-up of the united States could very well happen in our lifetimes.

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Nullification and Secesssion

Another interesting article.

Pro Libertate: Monopoly "Money "

Pro Libertate: Monopoly "Money "

The Federal Reserve System MUST be abolished. The FedGov's monopoly on the manufacturing of currency must end.

Monday, February 8, 2010

It Didn't Begin Here

Nevertheless, it's continuing to take root here in the States.

A predecessor to today’s tax rolls, it functioned as a hit list for the conquering state to divide property up as it wished. “There was no single hide nor yard of land,” read a contemporary account, “nor indeed one ax nor one cow nor one pig was there left out, and not put down on the record.” Eventually the attempt to keep track of the population for purposes of taxes led to the Magna Carta, the foundational statement of limits on the state’s power.

The Doomesday Book established the precedent for many other attempts at compiling information. But according to Martin Van Creveld (author of The Rise and Decline of the State, 1999), the information-gathering techniques of these times were so primitive, and the governments so decentralized, that the data were largely useless. On the Continent, for example, no government was in the position of demanding a comprehensive census. That began to change in the 16th century, when the nation-state began to gain a foothold against the countervailing power of the church, free cities and local lords. In France, the first modern philosopher of the state, John Bodin, urged that a census be taken to better control the people.

Should the Census be abolished?

Q & A On Nullification And Interposition

Interesting article by history professor Clyde Wilson.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Could This Be A Sign?

That the Tea Party Movement has been hijacked by militaristic types and Ron Paul haters, amongst others?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ron Paul's Take

On the coming social and political chaos.

The Ron Paul Video Theatre, Lower Level